Late last week i started feeling like i was getting sick.  I was taking dayquil and nyquil and vitamin c and drinking as much water as p0ssible, but after 110 miles to lander, my body wasnt happy and i woke up the next day feeling like crap.  Ken and Andy were understanding and agreed to a day or two of rest so i could get better and not worse after more riding days.  Man did this suck, i really hate to slow us down (more than i already do up hills) and it also just sucks to be sick.  I called my mom for advice on what to take and she proceeded to research doctors in lander, made me an appointment, made reservations at a hotel and made friends in lander.  This was all in about 15 minutes (i did lots of holding).  Amazing, thanks mom.  She even paid for two hotel rooms so the guys wouldnt get sick and i could just sleep all day undisturbed.  oh, and she also offered/threatened to come out here and take care of me if i didnt do it myself.

I went to the doctor and they tested me for the flu and strep and thankfully i dont have either of those, i’m just sick.  They gave me antibiotics just in case and some cough medication with codeine.  Azithromycin and prometh with codeine.  The codeine puts me right to sleep and after two days of laying in bed and sleeping, im feeling a lot better.  but man does it suck to be inside when its so nice out and i know the guys are out exploring.  ugh. so boring.  but better than getting worse.  and as its such a small town here in lander, they came back tonight telling me that everybody in town wishes me the best.  ha!  and this is the biggest wyoming town we’ve seen yet.

tomorrow we’re gonna take it easy and ride 60 miles to another town and then the next day to casper.  im excited to get back on my bike and i hope my body is too!  i know we’re ahead of schedule,  but its no fun to be sick and i sure hope the guys dont get it!