These are photos from our ferry ride into the city.  It was a perfect day and a nice windy ride home.  

Our first stop was Trackstar, our local bike shop where Andy works and then we went to Neighburrito and were treated to a fantastic lunch!  Then we hugged and went our separate ways.  

I met my brother and his girlfriend, Bri at my favorite local cafe, Southside Coffee where their daily sign read: 


It was awesome!  (they didnt know my last name other than the sham part… so a scribble worked great) They even gave me free coffee!!  …and then went to my bri and brother’s place to take a shower and relax.  I had sublet my apartment until August 1st, so i’m still sleeping on a floor for the next couple of weeks.  Bri and Jarrett had organized a small dinner with a couple of my friends and after rushing to take a shower before heading to the restaurant.. i walked out of the bathroom and there was my MOM!!  She drove up from Stamford, CT to join us (and treat us) for dinner.  Thanks again, mom.  What a great surprise!

Today I went through boxes to find some clothes to wear and i’m sitting in Southside Coffee on my laptop looking for jobs.  If you know of any great outdoor jobs in NYC or 30-40 miles away, please let me know.  I’m hoping for a long bikeable commute at least a few days a week so that I can stay in shape.

Thank you again to everyone for your support and generosity!