There have been a bunch of people who have immensely helped us out in preparation for this trip, and we’d like to offer our sincere thanks before we load up & leave tomorrow. Bike Works and Trackstar have both been our “go-to” shops for getting our bikes in working condition. Everyone should shop there and at no other bike shops, ever. You should also check out Trackstar’s courier page. It’s rad, and I designed it.

Next, thanks to Neighburrito and Boneshakers for supporting us on the trip. You guys are great friends and you make the best burritos on the lower east side and vegetarian sandwiches in Williamsburg (respectively). There’s no excuse for anyone to eat anything anywhere else.

We had a couple of photographers take some sweet shots of us, too, which we’ll put up soon. Edwin Jimenez and Halston Bruce, you’re the best photographers in New York City, and you both can do anything better than anyone else.

Thanks guys. I’m posting this from Boneshakers right now, eating a delicious Seitan”Rebel Cruiser”, and we’re probably going to swing by Trackstar tomorrow around 2pm on our way to Penn Station. We’ll be back soon!