So what is the “mile high club” equivalent on the train?:

okay, so yesterday before i was stowed away in the sleeper car i had to sit in coach. An Appalcahian family weren’t all sitting together so they asked a prim and proper English gentleman to sit with a young, attractive, fresh-out-of-college girl so the family could all sit together. So they sit together, get annoyed by the Appalchian family and agree to get a drink in the bar car. After ken and quinn find me we head to the same bar car. So the english gentleman (lets call him James’ nit wit half brother Jimmy Bond) and the young lady (lets call her Gail Gone Wild) are drinking beers. They are a couple deep when Ken and I notice them walk up from the lower lounge bar with an armful of beers each. Not too long after that, they move on to cocktails. Things are going nice between the two of them. They’re enjoying each other’s company and the sexual tension while watching the countryside pass them by, they have dinner together, they throw their arms around each other for warmth in the cold observation car. Our attention is distracted for about an hour by Fiddlin’ Ben but while we are walking through the dining car we see disaster struck. Gail is forcefully given water and can’t keep her head up, banging it on the table as it teeters. Jimmy is directing people by talking about bleeding his hog. First railed on rails attempt proves fruitless. Jimmy is eating breakfast alone.