Gary, Indiana was a horrible industrial pit of hell, but I do think its great that we went there right BEFORE Michael Jackson’s death.. because somehow it seems more meaningful (this is not to imply that I would ever go there again).

I’ve spent the morning watching Michael Jackson videos, some are very awesome and nostalgic (tho i think i was 3 or 4 when thriller came out) and some great but really creepy.  Like the one with the Marlon Brando cameo… one of the later videos i think, as Michael Jackson was in his really creepy looking faze, one of them.

Last night we watched Jackson’s body be transported from place to place – because there was nothing more important happening in the world.  CNN’s headlines were horrible and funny at the same time and all very abrupt with fewer commas than necessary.  MICHAEL JACKSON, KING OF POP DEAD.  Just doesnt read well.  Interesting how both Jackson and Fawcett had wayyyyy too much work done and went from very beautiful to disturbing and creepy.


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Oh and my mom’s neighbor’s cat died too.   Very sad, but way to make history!

Syracuse is great.  I road my moms craptastic bike over to my dads place yesterday in hopes to jump in the pool when i got there.  There are two hills on the way to my dads place, one is pretty big and steap, so i figured i’d get some excersize even tho my moms bike was too small and far from comfortable to ride.. but when i got there, my hopes of jumping in the pool dissapeared when the pool was green.  So i hung out with my sister for a bit and then planned to ride home.  but that’s when the major thunderstorm started.  whoops.  best not to ride in this and tho i dont mind the rain, the lighting was far too close for comfort.  so my mom came and got me. thanks mom!

It’s good to know we’re making progress towards the Atlantic Ocean once more. Indiana is a flat, mostly gridded state – at least in the North. We’ve heard that the Southern part of the state is far more hilly & scenic. Not as hilly as Kentucky, which we regretfully did not travel to, even though there’s an allegedly spectacular Creation Museum there. (They have Dinosaurs AND Jesus!) But hilly and much more worth seeing than the north. Even Torrey Dawley, our host in Indianapolis and an AIGA colleague of my sister’s (thanks, Chelle!) said that if our requests for interesting things to do in Northern Indiana pan out, we should let him know because he couldn’t think of anything. It’s a shame we didn’t get to spend a bit more time in Indianapolis, because good things have been said about their museum. And their bike path (the Monon Trail) really was great. Tuesday was a dismal day though, and touring a town of any size would’ve been something only the most hardiest of travelers would do. Twoarmparty, on the other hand, likes watching action flicks on their days off.

One thing we missed – or at least *I* missed – was Karaoke night. In Indy, we would’ve gone to Karenoke hosted by a lady named Karen who happened to be sitting immediately behind us at a local brewpub as I said something like “if there was a town called Karaoke, even if it was in Gary Indiana, I would move there and be mayor just so I could be the mayor of Karaoke.” Eavesdropping, she told us about her show, which was a bit of kismet because I had just stumbled across Karenoke on a quick Indianapolis Karaoke google search. Even though we’ve missed it, perhaps we’ll try to make it to one of her NYC performances of “Assholes & Aurioles” in late July as part of some kind of Manhattan Theater Festival. I have no idea what the show is about, but since that random information just fell in my lap, I might as well check it out. (there’s no website for their show).

After Indianapolis, we turned left and finally started heading directly east again towards Dayton Ohio, where we’re going to spend the next week or so. Prepare for excruciatingly bombastic and dramatic blog updates. There are weddings, amusement parks, barbecues, airplanes, rain days with DVDs, and big hills in our future. And there better be Karaoke too. I’ve been promised.

On our way to Dayton, we stopped in Richmond. Richmond Indiana, where we’re the proud first warmshowers guests of Chris Hardie ( ChrisHardie on Twitter). We got in before he got off work, stashed our bikes in his garage, and promptly took naps in his spacious home. His friends, avid cyclists who are very active in the well developed bike culture here in Richmond (bike maps AND bike polo! Again, Richmond INDIANA – not Virginia), cooked us a carb-happy vegetarian dinner as we watched their 16-month-old toss pasta everywhere.

Thank you to everyone out here, our last stop in Indiana. We’re leaving momentarily, and in the last 6 miles of your state, we expect to see a few more fireworks and antiques shops. That seems to be the thing to do out here…as if when people die anywhere on the east coast, all their old crap gets shipped to small towns in Eastern Indiana, and someone else tries to blow it all up. It seems like an incendiary combination….

I wanted to put up some photos, but figured I’d write a little too since Ken does most of the writing.  Andy and i are a little lazier about this, especially since ken really loves to do it and is a great writer.
Thanks again to Brean for letting us monopolize his apartment for several days in Chicago.  The guys did their own thing for a good part of it, and Brean was nice enough to show me around a bit… we went to see “The Bean”.  I’ve been to chicago twice before, but both times the bean was not yet there.  finally, i got to walk under this thing, and i didnt move because it was so weird and kinda creepy.p1030967

i'm waving!!!

i'm waving!!!

Brean also told me all about the architecture in Chicago and why its, generally, a lot nicer than  the most of the buildings in NYC.   Standing in Millennium park, it really was much classier than standing in Central Park.  and though i miss my friends and occasionally other parts of the big apple, i dont miss it much.

Day 2 in Chicago.. we watched movies ALLLL DAY!  Ben Schults on the left (one of Chicago's BEST polo players) and Brean on the right.

Day 2 in Chicago.. we watched movies ALLLL DAY! Ben Schults on the left (one of Chicago's BEST polo players) and Brean on the right.

So, as Ken said… last night we stayed on Bass Lake and it was way too expensive and completely packed.  I fear that we will find this more in our future.  Ugh.  Hopefully we can still find nice remote spots to camp where its quiet and the kids aren’t obnoxious and annoying.

BUT!! the lake WAS beautiful and it was really nice to sit and eat dinner on the beach.  We had a really incredible sunset.


Today we rode to Kokomo…. thaaaaats where you wanna gooooo.    Well, along the way we went through beardstown.  As the guys have um, reallyy awesome beards now,  i thought it necessary to stop and take a photo.


So, now i’m writing from a bar in Kokomo.  Yep, a bar.  Already drank 1/2 a bottle of vodka ON MY OWN.. and i toasted to you, mom!  Not really, but after a beer and not enough to eat, i can feel it – so, sorry if i sound ridiculous.

i’m excited to hang out in dayton, visit my family in syracuse and ride through pennsylvania.  because, even if PA is maddening to ride through, its gotta be a lot nicer than northern Indiana!