I begrudgingly woke up after four hours of sleep Saturday morning to ride to Nyack with Quinn & Andy. While I ironically loathe waking up early and doing long rides, I knew this was an important thing to do, considering all I’m going to be doing for three months is waking up early and doing long rides. Hopefully, all these long rides will make me all sorts of tired, and I’ll sleep well. And chances are, I’ll have even less of a chance of going out on late dates every night before I ride.

What did we find out today? We found out that Andy’s in the best shape out of all of us. We found out that Ken has a nice advantage on the downhills because he’s got a little extra padding, which gravity loves. We found out that Quinn’s cameraphone doesn’t really work when it’s been sweated on. And later on, I found that my cameraphone just kinda sucks and only gives me crappy low-res photos that I have no choice but to upload to Sprint Picture Mail. Honestly, fuck you for sucking so proprietarily, Sprint.

We found out that not only is it hard to take group photos when one member could have only one arm, but it’s hard to take group photos when there’s no one else around to take your group photo for you. This trip might end up being a lot of photoshop hackery.