The entire city of Dayton, in anxious anticipation of the return of its prodigal son and most famous Team QAKer, twoarmpartier and Trackstar, took an enormous, simultaneous breath, creating an eastern vacuum that pulled us out of Indiana with great haste. Our tailwinds hadn’t been that helpful since somewhere in Wyoming. With the flatness and short, 45-mile distance of our ride, we were back to Andy’s roots by 1:30 in the afternoon with time to stop at the fireworks store for a half hour along the way.

Again, we are relaxing for a while, waiting for our muscles to atrophy before we punish them in Pennsylvania. We’ll probably see some movies and we’re definitely watching our friend Brett get married. Shortly after we leave the monday after next, several of our friends will pass us like silent trains in the northern night of Ohio as part of the Bicycle Film Festival’s 42Ride. 42 riders are leaving from New York & ending up in LA over 42 days with no rest days and they’re getting paid to do it for some reason. The message here is, again, Vodka. They’re sponsored by Vodka. You must drink more Vodka. As we’ve proven, it’s good for you. We know a couple people on this ride. Of Kennedy, Doug, and Corey the Courier, Kennedy is the only novice tourist, just like us. Good luck to all of you.

The Bike Film fest kicks off in New York and Fiona & Cecily are throwing a polo tournament. 42Ride begins. Pedalacross has finished. (These were the two guys we met on the train out to Portland who were taking a southern route across the states.) The