Hey Moms! Thanks for raising us to be as awesome as we are. We couldn’t have made it 1200 miles to the KOA site in Bar Nunn, Wyoming (just north of Casper) without you guys teaching us everything there is to know about everything.

So yeah, we’re in Casper Wyoming. Much to the chagrin of the doomsaying waitress at the Split Rock or the Sage Brush in Jeffrey City (one of the two bars is closed, but I can’t remember which), we did not get buried under four feet of snow last night. “Oh, but you will,” she said, “you willlll……” then she backed away slowly, cackling into a steamy, smoky haze where she cooked our breakfasts. Probably with eyes of newts and bumblebee wings or something.

It’s actually quite nice this morning. We got relatively decent sleep, even lthough the KOA is designed so that the tent sites are the closest to the freeway, 100 yards away. Luckily, it’s Sunday (HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY AGAIN), and traffic was pretty light this morning. It’s bright and sunny, and the lady who runs the Kampground told us how John Wayne filmed part of a movie here once.

Back to Jeffrey: We noted a while ago that Strevell, Idaho was a serious ghost town. So is Jeffrey City. But in an entirely different way. As recently as 25 years ago, it was probably as big as Lander (7,000 people). Uranium mining was it’s big industry. Then France bought their uranium mines. And since France had enough uranium of thier own, they completely abandoned the factories in Jeffrey City. With no work, everyone left. A new school had just been built. Rows of “bachelor apartments” were boarded up. Lots of mobile home foundations were left without homes. There’s infrastructure for thousands of people in Jeffrey City. But there are only 30 people living there now. The kids are bussed to Lander for school (60 miles away). Everyone who lived there simply packed up & left. At the abandoned Freemason Meeting Hall next to Byron’s pottery shop, bank statements and six-packs of Coca-Cola and Budweiser were strewn about with late 70’s & mid 80’s dates on them. We spent the night there. It was musty and moderately creepy, but it was out of the wind, and quiet. And completely free.