Makin it quick…  yesterday we rode about 75 miles to Springfield, MN…  we were sick of the headwinds that keeps following us, so we decided to stop halfway to Spicer and camp for the night.  We went to the library to check the weather and then got some dinner at the Outlaw Bar and Grill where we met a wonderful woman, Brittany (also our waitress) and her fiance.  They helped us find a place to sleep, told us about the cheap campsite but also pointed us towards a local named Gary who let us sleep in his backyard.  He wasnt living in the house, but he owned the property and it was across from a gas station so we had a bathroom and a nice, FREE private place to camp.  This morning we got on the road bright and early (riding by 7:30) in hopes of staying out of the mid day headwinds and getting to SPICER, MN at a reasonable hour.  So, here we are, on another beautiful lake (Green lake) in Minnesota.  The state of 10,0000000000 (okay, just 10, 000) lakes. with my very good friend Arone’s mom, Sue.  Arone is a mechanic at Bike Works in NYC.  Sue is fantastic, she just put the lasagna in the oven, had THREE showers for us to monopolize and a washing machine that’s been running since we arrived.  She has put us up for the night and we all get our own room.  Sweet!  no snoring to listen to.  Thanks Arone for having such an awesome mom!  and thanks, Sue for putting us up for the night and being so generous!

So after a big dinner, Sue took us for a Dairy Queen, then drinks at the local bar, and top it all off, we relaxed in her hot tub, looking out on the lake and up at the stars.  It was perfect.

We had planned to take two days to get to Minneapolis and then after doing more research, we realized its only about 95-100 miles from here.  This could easily be done in one day, but we decided to take the morning to relax in Spicer and head out around noon for two short, easy 50 mile days.  Sue rides as well and so she’s going to join us for a bit this afternoon.  The second time that someone has joined us now!  Awesome.

Thank you again, Sue and Arone for having such and awesome mom!

Ken and Sue out on her dock on Green Lake

Ken and Sue out on her dock on Green Lake