first of all – we haven’t forgotten about our rest day in Pierre.  It was spectular.  So much so  – Andy stillll isnt finished writing about it becuase there is so much to tell.  That will be coming soon.  In the meantime, I’ll do some updating.

After leaving Mitchell, hungover and moving slow, we made our way to Sioux Falls.  It was a really long day into the wind.  We had no help from mother nature and were fighting it the whole way at about 12 mph.  Ugh.  My dad flew in from Syracuse to meet us in South Dakota.  He put us up in a great hotel with a pool and hot tub and lots of free breakfast to take for our trip.  He was getting in around 5pm, so we were really trying to get there when he did, and we nearly made it.. about 45 minutes late.  We arrived, soaking wet (or at least I was because it was too warm for rain gear) and covered in mud from all the cars driving by and ken riding in front of me.  Again, mostly me here, i dont think the guys were that muddy, and I was trying to keep my distance too.   We were greeted by my dad and soon a hot shower.  It was perfect. 

It turns out that Sioux Falls has beautiful neighborhoods, awesome giant trees and a very cute downtown area.  BUT, the rest of it is (i mean this in the best way possible)horrible, disgusting urban sprawl.  Everywhere you look, walmart, target, bestbuy, restaurant chain after restaurant chain and lots of creepy windowless casinos.  We had to search out the healthy good food..

My dad was not only nice enough to fly out to South Dakota and put us up in a hotel, but he also took us to eat a number of times, bought us bike stuff, and to see Terminator 4.  (So bad!  They all looked really good, but so damn cheesy, come on!)  It was a great rest day.

Going back to rapid city, in a little cafe…. we met the most wonderful woman that at the age of 17 had done this same trip.  But from east to west.  And she ran out of money in sioux falls and that’s where she’s been since.  (she also toured with two guys)  Well, this amazing woman, Carol, came over to us and started asking us about our trip and insisted that we stay with her in Sioux Falls where she lives.  We were all set with my Dad, so instead she insisted that we visit her and get free massages!  oh. my. god.  yes.  Carol was a kindergarten/first grade (one of those) teacher for 18 years and then decided to become a yoga teacher and a masseuse.  …and a damn good one!  We went to her house in a cute Sioux Falls neighborhood and took time out of her Saturday with family…she absolutely insisted.  So generous.  She even talked my dad into letting her work on his pulled hamstring.  Carol, Thank you so much!  best massage e v e  r.

It was a perfect rest day, another one.  So awesome of my dad to fly out to the middle of nowhere to hang out and talk for a day.  He even had to get up at 3am to catch a super early flight sunday morning.  He took such good care of us.  Thanks Dad!

This trip has tought me many things, but some of the main ones are… people are great!  So much more great than you’d ever expect (esp in nyc).  and so are family… I really miss them and really, really appreciate the visits from my parents.


Off to Spirit Lake, IOWA