Today, we went to salt lake city and park city with my mom. We saw the giant Mormon Temple, and we spent a few hours searching our family histories in the family history database library thing. (i forget the actual name). Then we drove out to Park city… way out in the mountains.. oh my god, the climbs!.. and had an incredible dinner. My mom took us out to so many great meals, and really took care of us. Thanks MOM!! Youre the best!

Andy has photos of the dinner we ate tonight. Amazing! I ate the elk, mom had salmon, ken had fancy meat (i forget this too) and andy ate a volcano of ribs, mashed potatoes and onion rings. oh man – you have to see the photos.

Anyway, here are a few from today, including the beautiful sunset on the drive back to town. Another awesome rest day! back on the road tomorrow morning to climb and climb and climb.. off to WYOMING. woo hoo.

the gate to heaven.  believe it.

the gate to heaven. believe it.


ken and andy, walking on water.

ken and andy, walking on water.