Just to keep you abreast of things, we’re in Reno, NV right now, about 10 minutes west of Sparks, NV. In 5 hours, we’ll be in the bustling metropolis of Sacremento California,
where we hope there are some great movies playing during our 8 hour layover.

Last night, we convinced our exhausted train car coordinator lady to let Andy sleep in an unoccupied sleeping room. It was fantastic. We woke up to snow capped mountain ranges on either side of the train.

In other awesome news, there’s another group of bike tourists on this train! Ben, the fiddle-playing college sophomore who’s taking a break from school to wander aimlessly in the mountains of the west, collecting money while he strums, tipped us off to Andrew & Matt. They’re two military kids from Virginia who are riding from San Francisco to Virginia Beach. They’re also doing it for a cause. Check em’ out: ALSO, these kids got SPONSORED by some awesome solar-powered backpack company: This thing charges a battery which can then charge your cellphone or computer or whatever. Very convenient. Wish we had one of those.

This train has been great. It’s been a good way to ease our way into a massive trip. Realizing that we’re going to be on bikes for 90 days is going to take a little time to sink in. Taking 5 days by train to get from here to there is a good way to slow down our pace of life. There are a lot of old people here. One couple is going entirely around the country by train. Another one claims to be one of the engineers who worked on the original cell phone. Another guy was two years old when prohibition was repealed.

Many more stories to come.