It has been a perfect weekend in Avalon.  The weather couldnt have been better – okay, maybe a little less wind..but it was fantastic.


My two youngest sisters are living and working in Avalon this summer.  Our first stop apon arrival was for Ice Cream – this is my youngest sister Rory at the ice cream/candy shop where she works. 


Later that day we went and visted my other sister Wesley, who works at the pizza shop down the street. 


The ice cream shop has a 10 scoop ice cream challenge where you eat 10 scoops of ice cream and try to beat the times of the winners.  You can choose any flavors you want and its covered in whipped cream and a cherry.   those are cups of warm water to help with the brain freeze. The guys both beat the winning time by a minute!  Jarrett came in with 4 minutes 3 seconds and Andy with 4 minutes 15 seconds.  and then, when it was all over – they ordered more ice cream!  they said they couldnt actually taste the ten scoops as they were just shoveling them into their mouths, so they felt they needed to eat a couple more scoops in order to enjoy the taste.  the owner said that it was the first time anyone has ordered ice cream after eating 10 scoops of it! 


The guys had never really surfed before, so I tried to give them some basic instruction and send them into the ocean.  My dad is a big surfer and I tried it for a while when i was younger… I helped as much as I could from the shore.  Not the best waves for surfing, but they did really well for their first time.





They finally decided they had enough and just jumped in the ocean.  It was a really beautiful evening.p1040167