I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say that the gravity of this trip has not yet truly sunk in. It’s not just another weekend trip to Ottawa or a sweet vacation to Thailand. Not like I go to Thailand often, but I do go to Ottawa once a year. People there are awesome. And they call their money “loonies” and “toonies”! That’s so adorable!

Anyway, we’re having a sendoff party! Maybe even two or three or four! Here are the ways you can come to see us before our leg muscles are so huge we could squeeze coal into diamonds between our thighs:

TONIGHT, Friday April 10: KARAOKE. At Hope & Anchor in Red Hook. It’s at the corner of Van Brunt & Wolcott and is one of my favorite places in the city to go, after the Natural History Museum.

TOMORROW, Saturday April 11: Some bar somewhere. We really don’t actually have anything planned, but maybe we’ll be at Franklin Park on St. Johns & Franklin in Crown Heights/Little Los Marcostan.

SUNDAY April 12: Come hang out with us at Bike Polo or even better, come to BIKE SHORTS and watch a bunch of bike movies, some of which I may be in.

MONDAY April 13: Be jealous that Ninja Zak from Clinton St. Bakery is cooking us lamb shank.

TUESDAY April 14 3:30pm: Wave your handkerchiefs at us as we depart on the train from Penn Station bound to Portland, Oregon!

PS: Thanks Eric the Red for calling me out on Loonies & Toonies