That’s right, we’re writing to you from the present again! No more one-hour time delay between our current events and you’re reading of them. As soon as we left Bass Lake, Indiana, where they charge you far too much to camp for a night and the little kids yell late, the dogs yip all the time, the Indianan’s wake up early and don’t bother keeping their voices low because, you know, someone might be sleeping in that tent over there, but hey, whatever, it IS Saturday night, the time leapt forward an hour.

So far, the present is a bit nicer than the past. It’s sunny, warm and Gary, Indiana is behind us. The roads mostly have a well paved shoulder, and the cornfields are uh…pretty, in their ubiquity.

Of course, if you’re reading this anywhere west of Indianapolis, we’re writing to you FROM THE FUTURE! I hope your internet connection is fast enough to download all of our photos. Not much has changed here in the future. I don’t know if you’ve got androids yet, but they still haven’t turned on humanity in general, and the alien spaceship hovering above earth continues to provide a limitless, clean energy source for 98% of the planet. Hope you’re all doing great. We’ll be in Indianapolis tomorrow night.